I hope you, your family and friends are faring well during this time of uncertainty. Being married to an immunologist, I can assure you that I have followed the COVID-19 outbreak very closely.


We at CHIC Redesign are committed to doing our part to ensure the health and safety of all of our clients, vendors and contractors throughout this period. Following best practices recommended by State, Federal and International authorities to minimize risk, we have switched, whenever possible, to video-based meetings and presentations, using Google Hangout and Zoom.

To ensure continuous service for existing projects that require travel and visits, we have taken the following steps to mitigate the possibility of the virus spreading:

  • Use of latex-free gloves, washable fabric masks and single-use shoe booties upon entering work sites;

  • Sanitation of all tools (phone, laptop, pens, tape measures etc) with Lysol® between visits;

  • Use of single paper sheets rather than notebooks to take notes;

  • Respect of “social distancing” rules.


Delays are to be expected as suppliers and contractors may experience shortage of workers. Most showrooms have closed for material selection and permit issuing is either slow or on-hold. We are working diligently to minimize impacts on your projects.


This is a time when many of you are feeling the increasing anxieties caused by this outbreak. Unless you are an essential worker, most of you work from home by now, while children of all ages will not attend school for many more weeks. Some of you may have lost your job. The reality is that we will all be cooped up in our homes for a while. We all know the concept of “cabin fever”, and my husband has even come up with the term “familiatis” to describe how this forced cohabitation may affect us all. 

If you need to work from home, we can help you, including remotely via video-conference:

  • Create a temporary office space that is both functional and conducive to productivity.;

  • Improvise an indoor gym or yoga retreat space so you can retain some sanity;

  • Bring more functionality and style to your kids’ bedrooms and help them endure this confinement period;

  • Create a happier space around you with small, affordable solutions.

  • Reorganize closet space and purge of unwanted clothes, toys and shoes. Many people will be economically affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and although most donation centers have closed, please keep these for when they reopen. We are determined, more than ever, to provide you with support and guidance to get you through this crisis.


Below are few steps you can take:

  • Use EPA-approved cleaners (full list here) to wipe all door knobs, cabinets pulls, side table knobs, wall light switches, lamp switches, appliance handles, countertops, bottom and handle of your handbag or work bag etc; If all you have is bleach, prepare a bleach solution by mixing 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. Make sure you wear gloves and that any cleaner you use is safe for the material you are wiping;

  • Post a little reminder in all bathrooms and all food preparation sinks to remind everybody to wash their hands thoroughly and for 20 seconds, especially when you come from outside. Teach and supervise young children about proper hand-washing techniques – This can be a fun time (see Mayo Clinic Poster). Remember that research shows that the dominant thumb rarely gets washed properly, so give plenty of attention to that finger;

  • If your young children still attend day care, a new set of clothes to change into as soon as they arrive home will teach them that home is a clean and safe place;

  • Cooking, puzzles, audio and paper books, Spring cleaning inside and out can help kids feel useful and less bored;

  • Get some fresh air and improve your fitness level, but avoid public playgrounds;

  • Avoid hand shakes;

  • Stay away from people with known infections. Signs of COVID-19 are dry cough and fever - Most other symptoms are much less frequent;

  • Take a multi-vitamin with zinc and 1.5g of omega-3 content per day to boost your immune system;

  • If you are showing symptoms or are at-risk (over 60, with underlying diseases, especially cardio-vascular conditions and diabetes), call your PCP.


We are facing a situation for which nobody was ever prepared. But I believe that our strong sense of community will help us make the most of it. Volunteer if you can: most communities need drivers to deliver food to help the less fortunate;

If you have any questions, concerns, or immediate needs, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance, ideas, or assurance. I have found overall that public announcements can be confusing and alarming, while staying calm and rational is most important.


Let’s learn from this. Together, we will get through these uncertain times and we will remember.

Céline Riard, IIDA Assoc.
IADT Interior Designer
M.Sc. Eng. INA-PG

CEO & Principal Designer

508 . 332 . 2548